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Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor Transmitter Soil Moisture Meter

Sensor principle:

Frequency Domain Reflectometry FDR

Measurement parameters:

soil volume water content

Measuring range

Saturated water content

Moisture range

0- 60% m2/m3

temperature range

0 - 50'C

output signal

4~20mA, RS485 (Modbus-RTU protocol), 0~1VDC, 0~2. 5VDC

supply voltage.

5- 24VDC, 12- 36VDC

Moisture accuracy

3% (after rate determination)

temperature accuracy




Response time


Operating environment

Outdoor, suitable ambient temperature is 0-45C

Working current

45- 50mA, with temperature <80mA

cable length

Standard 5 meters (or customized)

shell material

ABS. Engineering plastics

Probe Material

316 stainless steel

Gross weight


Protection class:


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