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Multi-parameter water quality monitoring equipment Pipe network tap water quality detection Multi-parameter water quality analyzer report

1 Input interface: 6-way RS485 aviation interface, with 12V power supply. Total power supply capacity: 1A Analog output: 2 channels of 4-20mA output, single channel load capacity: 750 ohms

3 switch output: 6 groups of relays, each group of relays has normally open, normally closed and public interface

Single channel load capacity: 3A

4 Digital output: 2-way two-wire RS485 interface, support Modbus-RTU protocol 5 Display: 7.0 inch LCD, resolution 800*480, 24-bit color depth, capacitive touch 6 Can directly test, calibrate, temperature sensor adjustment, etc.

Adapt to customer's monitoring needs, with any sensor

8GUI graphical operation interface, multiple parameters are displayed at the same time, the interface layout can be adjusted according to the number of channels

Set the storage period

10 Chinese and English switching, password protection, historical curve

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