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Net full pyranometer

Net pyranometers are primarily used to measure the net difference in the amount of full-wave radiation projected downward from the sky and upward from the Earth's surface. It can also be used to measure the reflectivity of short-wave radiation and short-wave radiation; the reflectivity of long-wave radiation and long-wave radiation and full-wave radiation. Ideal for research-grade net total radiation measurements. The measurement range is short-wave radiation from 0.3 to 3 μm and long-wave radiation from 4 to 50 μm.

2. Features

It is a research-grade net full pyranometer, passive accurate measurement, good stability, easy to use and maintenance-free.

3. Basic principles

The net pyranometer consists of two shortwave pyranometers and two longwave pyranometers. The shortwave pyranometer consists of a quartz cover, a sensing element, a watch body and other components. The pyranometer is composed of silicon arc filter cover, sensing element, platinum resistance, meter body and other components. The induction element is composed of a fast-winding electroplating multi-junction thermopile. The induction surface is coated with an imported high-absorbing matt black coating, which absorbs radiant energy. The heat generated passes through the platinum resistance, and the temperature change of the thermopile is converted into a voltage signal. The voltage signal is proportional to the radiation intensity. A platinum resistor is embedded in the cavity of each pyranometer at the cold junction at the edge of the thermopile to monitor the temperature inside the meter. Each pyranometer has its own sensitivity coefficient and output wire, which can output each data separately. By combining the respective output data, shortwave radiation, longwave radiation, total wave radiation, net total radiation, shortwave reflectance and longwave reflectivity can be measured respectively.

Shortwave sensitivity


Longwave Sensitivity


Spectral range

0.3~3μm (short wave); 4~50μm (long wave)

temperature measurement

Platinum resistance

Response time

≤30 seconds (99% response)

annual stability




Working temperature


Working environment humidity


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