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Ultrasonic Snow Depth Detector

Ultrasonic Snow Depth Detector


Product description

The snow depth detector uses ultrasonic telemetry technology to monitor the whole process of snowfall, detects the thickness of snow on the ground, and uploads the data to a high-precision outdoor sensor in real time. It measures the amount of snowfall over a specific period of time. The ultrasonic snow depth detector uses 20-50KHZ ultrasonic waves for measurement. The main principle is to measure the round-trip time of the ultrasonic pulse by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse to the ground under test and then receiving the reflected echo signal. The speed of propagation is related to the air temperature, so a temperature correction is required to get a correct measurement. It integrates a temperature sensor inside and can perform temperature correction by itself. It can also detect the ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure and other parameters of the area at the same time.

 The snow depth detector is installed in a cast aluminum housing with built-in heating to ensure it can withstand severe weather and ensure normal operation, which allows it to provide accurate data in any weather conditions.


Snow Depth Observation at Meteorological Stations

Snow monitoring along railway lines

Roads in remote settlements block snowstorm monitoring

Snowfall and Snow Cover Observation in Ski Resorts

main indicators

Measuring snow depth: 0-10m;

Installation height: 0.5-11m

Wave speed width: about 30°

Measurement accuracy: ±0.5%

Resolution: 0.2mm (full scale)

Measurement interval: 1s

Communication interface: RS485

Power supply mode: AC220V/DC12-24V

Power consumption: less than 10W (with heating)

Ambient temperature: -45-+50℃

Relative humidity: 0-95%RH

Wind speed range: 0-30m/s

Protection class: IP65

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