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High temperature pressure transmitter 4-20ma sensor import diffusion silicone oil pressure water pressure air pressure

Performance parameters

●Measuring medium: liquid or gas (no corrosion to stainless steel)

●Overall material: Diaphragm 316s stainless steel, process connection 304 stainless steel.

●Pressure range: -100kPa ~0^ 100MPa (see range selection table for details)

●Pressure mode: gauge pressure, absolute pressure, negative pressure

.●Output signal: 4~20mA, RS485 (standard Modbus-RTU protocol),

(0~ 10VDC, 0~5VDC, 1~5VDC, 0. 5~2.5VDC customized)

●Supply voltage:

9-36VDC (with display or output 0-10VDC power supply is 15--36VDC)

●Accuracy class:

0.1%FS .

(Range≥100kPa customized)


(Range≥100kPa default)


(10kPa≤range <100kPa default)


(range <10kPa default)

The display accuracy of the meter head is 0.5, and the digital tube (LED) display

●Medium temperature: -40~ 150°C

●Ambient temperature: -40~85C

●Seismic performance: 25g(20... 2000Hz)

●Overload capacity:


●Response frequency:


●Stable performance: ±0.1% FS/year

●Temperature drift:


●Protection level:


●Power upper limit:

Current type≤0.02Us (W) Voltage type≤0.008Us (W)

Digital type≤0.015Us(W) Note: Us=supply voltage

●Load characteristics: current type load≤{ (Us-7) +0.02 (Us=supply voltage) } Q

Voltage type load ≥100k9

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