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Plug-in temperature and humidity transmitter liquid crystal display temperature and humidity sensor

Measuring medium: gas (compatible with contact material)

Overall material: main body shell

ABS engineering plastic

Filter (touch) polyethylene (density 50μm)

Wire lock head nylon (lock wire diameter 4~6mm)


LCD liquid display with backlight

Mounting flange (touch) ABS engineering plastic

Insert rod (touch) ABS engineering plastic

Seal (touch) grease rubber/silicone

Temperature range: - 40~0~ 125C (Note 1)

Humidity range: 0- 100SRH (relative humidity)

Supply voltage: 24VDC (current/voltage output) 12- 24VDC (RS485 output)

Output signal: FBS485, 4-20m1. 0- 10VDC

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