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Automatic sun tracker

The fully automatic solar tracker is a high-precision solar tracker independently developed by our company on the basis of combining advanced technologies at home and abroad. After years of practical testing, it has been widely used throughout the country. This tracker adopts imported four-quadrant sun sensor, which can automatically compensate for mechanical deviation. It is a product with the highest tracking accuracy in China so far.

This product can be loaded with various types of pyranometers, with excellent performance, high tracking accuracy, excellent load capacity, and strong environmental adaptability. It can work stably under various extreme climatic conditions, and is widely used in photovoltaic environmental monitoring, meteorological radiation observation , agriculture and forestry research and many other fields.

2. Product Features

1. High precision: It has the highest precision and response speed in China.

2. Self-contained deviation compensation: The standard four-quadrant sun sensor can compensate for geometric positioning deviation, making the measurement more accurate.

3. Automatic positioning: It has its own GPS receiver, which automatically sets the position coordinates and time information, so that it can accurately align with the sun.

4. Aim at the sun at all times: When the sun is blocked by clouds, etc., the tracker accurately aligns the running path of the sun by calculating; when the sun appears, the direct meter is aimed at the sun at any time.

5. Flexible operation: You can completely control or monitor the running status of the tracker through PC commands.

6. Maintenance-free: It has the most advanced power transmission device in China, which can be maintenance-free for a long time; due to the use of no power belt transmission, the system will not be too tight or loose due to changes in ambient temperature and cannot work normally.

7. High adaptability: all-weather, high stability.

8. Low power consumption: can be powered by solar panels.

Driving principle

gear reduction drive

Electric machine

stepper motor

tracking mode

Sun-sensor active mode,

Calculation passive mode automatic selection

pointing accuracy

<0.1° (active tracking, sun sensor required)

<0.5° (passive tracking, GPS calculation);

Angular velocity

4.5'/s max

Rotation angle

Horizontal 0~350°, Vertical 0~120°

GPS measurement method

Timing + date calculation




17 kg

Communication Interface

RS-485, USB

Protection class


Power supply


working environment

Temperature -20℃~+60℃ Humidity 0~100%RH

product weight

5 Kg

Product Size

230(W)×181(D)×310(H) mm

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