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Sunshine hours sensor

For sunshine hours sensor, sunshine hours are defined as the sum of the time periods when the direct solar irradiance reaches or exceeds 120w/m2, in hours, with one decimal place. The number of sunshine hours is also called the actual hours of sunshine. The sunshine hours sensor is used to continuously measure the sunshine time. The instrument itself has no moving parts and no power supply, and can be used for long-term observation in the field. It uses three specially designed photodiodes for observation and calculation when there is the sun (direct radiation intensity>120W/㎡).

The sunshine hours sensor adopts imported sensing core, optical material window, aluminum alloy shell structure, and waterproof aerial plug; it has the advantages of solid structure, good sealing, long service life, high measurement accuracy, good stability, long transmission distance, anti- It has the characteristics of strong ability of external interference. Can be widely used in meteorology, environment, agriculture, scientific research and other types of solar sunshine hours measurement.





Signal range


Spectral range:

cosine response






output signal

High and low level (open collector)

Pulse (open collector)





output value calculation

0V means no sunshine, when there is sunshine, it is a high-impedance state, and a pull-up resistor of about 10k should be added when collecting.

Output value (h) = number of pulses × resolution When collecting, a pull-up resistor of about 10k should be added, and the pulse width is 500ms

Output value (h) = (high byte × 256 + low byte) × 0.1h Sunshine time in the specified period (h) = output value at the end of the period - output value at the beginning of the period

Wiring Definition

1pin--Red: Power +

2pin--green: GND

3pin--yellow: voltage output

4pin--: unused

1pin--Red: Power +

2pin--green: GND

3pin--yellow: voltage output

4pin--: unused

1pin--Red: Power +

2pin--green: GND

3pin--yellow: RS485A

4pin--Blue: RS485B

Power consumption




Operating Voltage

DC 5~24V

Operating temperature


Working humidity


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