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UV radiation sensor

Ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation with wavelengths from 0.01 to 0.40 microns in the electromagnetic spectrum. Sunlight has a lot of UV rays. Ultraviolet rays have a great impact on human life and biological growth. Ultraviolet light, also known as "ultraviolet light", has a wavelength range of 100-400 nanometers and is divided into UVA (315-400 nanometers), UVB (280-315 nanometers), UVC (200-280 nanometers) and vacuum ultraviolet (100-200 nanometers) ). Ultraviolet rays are located between violet light and Roentgen rays in the electromagnetic spectrum. Like other wavelengths of electromagnetic waves, they all obey the basic laws of electromagnetic motion. Ultraviolet rays cannot cause vision (i.e. outside the visible range). According to different wavelengths, only the UVA and UVB parts of ultraviolet rays can penetrate the protective layer of ozone and clouds to reach the earth's surface. The UV index refers to the degree of possible damage to human skin caused by the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight reaching the ground when the sun is at its highest position in the sky during the day (usually around noon).

2. Product introduction

The UV radiation sensor adopts imported special UV sensor core, optical quartz window, and aluminum alloy shell structure; it has a solid structure, good sealing, long service life, high measurement accuracy, good stability, long transmission distance, and strong anti-interference ability. Features. It can be widely used in environments, greenhouses, laboratories, aquaculture, industry, laboratories and other occasions requiring ultraviolet measurement.





Spectral range








cosine response



0~200W/m2 Or:0~200uW/cm2 

0~200W/m2 customize

0~15UV index; in line with the international UV index defined by the World Health Organization WHO

Working humidity


Operating temperature


corresponding suffix




output signal

DC 0-2V



output value calculation

Output value (W)=Voltage mV*(Range/2000mV)

Output value(W)=(Current mA-4mA)*(Range/16mA)

Modbus-RTU0.1UV indexakor 0.1W/m2

Wiring Definition

Red: Power +

Green: GND

Yellow: signal output

Red: Two-wire current loop, regardless of polarity

Blue: Two-wire current loop, regardless of polarity

Red: Power+

Green: GND

Yellow: RS485A

Blue: RS485B

Power consumption




Operating Voltage

DC 4V~15V或24V


DC 4V~15V或24V

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